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As computers and digital storage are getting cheaper, faster, and smaller, more traditionally non-computer devices, such as telephones (e.g. android based smart phones, iPhone) and books (e.g. Kindle e-book reader, iPad, Mobi Pocket e-book reader), are converging with computer/ digital based technology. The television is no exception to this. Recently debuting televisions, dubbed Smart TVs, are the best example of the convergence if not the revitalization of an older, traditional technology, the television, with the powers of computers (central processing units) and digital media.

If you’re in need of help getting the most of out of the multitude of features available to you with a Smart TV, look no further than the pros at Boynton Beach Laptop We can get you connected online, whether through your Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi connection, so that you can enjoy streaming videos (movies and television programs) available through such popular providers as Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu, which are compatible with many popular brands of Smart TVs running as “Apps” (applications often presented in a style similar and immediately familiar to persons acquainted with Apple’s iPhone). Let us help you experience the web on your Smart TV. With a built-in browser, many Smart TVs allow you to surf the web in but with the experience of a big screen. We can help you connect peripherals most commonly associated with desktop computers such as USB based mice and keyboards with your Smart TV as well as help you with configuring and utilizing Bluetooth.

Not only can we help you with the cutting-edge features unique to Smart TVs but we can help you with screen settings such as color levels/ contrast, resolution settings, setting up/ configuring your 3D glasses to your Smart TV, and connecting peripherals such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, and video game consoles. We are also experts with integrating your stereo system to be used instead, or along with, the speakers on your television to provide you with the far superior sounds capable of being produced by a stereo in comparison with a television.

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