Custom PC to Order

Are the store-bought desktop PCs simply not what you need? Are you looking for something more powerful, more beautiful, or simply something special that you can’t walk into a store a buy?

Then contact the experts at Boynton Beach Laptop Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you plan and build a custom PC for your special project.

Gaming PCs

Probably the most commonly built custom PC is for people wanting POWER. If you want to play some of the latest games in their highest graphical settings, don’t look for a store bought machine to do what you need. You’re going to need to either build a PC yourself, which isn’t for the squeamish or inexperienced, or let pros like us tackle the job for you. If running multiple video cards in SLI, needing a massive power supply, having five or more fans running simultaneously (perhaps with LED lights build in them), or having a water cooling system installed for your over clocked processor is to your liking, then let us help you build the beast of a computer that you desire.

Stock/ Currency Trading PCs

Similar to the gamers, those who trade currency or stocks online can benefit immensely from having the power of a custom build PC. Do you want to track multiple items with complex graphs across two or more monitors? Then let us help you build a machine that will help you maximize your efficiency and profitability.

Multimedia PCs

If you need a PC capable of connecting to your television and stereo system for the purpose of playing music, movies, and video games (perhaps older games such as console/ arcade games through emulation) with a easy-to-use interface much unlike Windows operating systems or Mac OS X, then employ our expertise to build such a custom machine along with the custom software (front-end) needed to enjoy such a machine. We can even connect special controllers whether it be a remote controller that looks and feels similar to a television remote controller for controlling your PC or actual video game console (such as Playstation or Nintendo) controllers or arcade sticks/ trackballs/ sliders for use on your PC as well.

Special Projects

Do you have an old piece of software, perhaps custom written for you, that you wish to run? Do you need a computer with COM ports or Parallel ports for old or special hardware that you simply cannot do without? Do you need an old operating system or need support for multiple operating systems, perhaps custom builds? If you’re frustrated by the obsolesce forced upon users of electronics, then contact Boynton Beach Laptop for consultation with helping you build a PC that will meet your specialized demands.

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