Home Theater Installations

We are audio/ video experts.

  • Smart TVs
  • LED, LCD, Plasma, CRT, 3D, High Definition Televisions
  • Mounting TVs to walls with brackets
  • Connecting Stereo Equipment – Receiver, Speakers, CD, Tape Cassette Deck, Vinyl
  • Video Games: Microsoft X-Box 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
  • Universal Remote Controller setup
  • Blu-Ray, DVD, VCR
  • Audio/ Video cabling including concealed wiring (e.g. speaker cabling in walls)
  • Streaming Video: Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Apple TV, Roku
  • iPod, mp3 player, digital media players
  • Connecting old video game systems to new TV and Stereo
  • Connecting a PC/ Mac to TV

If you’re frustrated with navigating through hundreds of feet of cables, three or more remote controllers, each of which controls a different device, or just need help with connecting any audio/ video device, then let the pros at Boynton Beach Laptop Repair.com assist you in with any problem you have on your home theater.

We can install and configure almost any audio/ video device for your home theater setup and integrate any and all together in a harmonious, neatly organized and easy-to-use fashion. We are network experts, able to get your devices online. Enjoy the convenience and availability of streaming video and enjoy netplay on your favorite video game systems. We install universal remote controllers so that you can control all of your devices with one powerful remote controller avoiding the hassles of using a bunch of different remotes, each of which controllers a different device. We can mount your television to your wall and provide concealed wiring through the walls, especially useful for your surround sound stereo system. We can even help you integrate your computer, Mac or PC, laptop or desktop, to your home theater system. Did you know that anything you see on your PC can be displayed on your television? We even tackle custom jobs such as connecting old audio/ video hardware to work with your new system. We can connect your old turntable to your new receiver through a preamp to your new stereo receiver or even to your computer so that you can digitize your old vinyl records and play them on your latest digital device such an iPod that you connect through your stereo.

We Service all makes and models
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