If you need help installing a CCTV, Closed Circuit Television, security camera system, call the pros at Boynton Beach Laptop We are experts in installing security cameras and the corresponding cabling necessary for the completion and proper functionality of your Closed Circuit TV system.

Why use CCTV?

  • Security – Keep your property safe
  • Monitoring – See what’s happening

Having a CCTV allows you to monitor your property, home or place of business, without having to be there. Moreover, having more than one camera pointing on different parts of the property allows you to see your property from different vantage points at the same time. By having a Closed Circuit Television system you can both secure and monitor your property.

DVR & Remote Viewing

Your CCTV system can be integrated with DVR, Digital Video Recording, technology allowing you to keep recordings of everything that your cameras see. If a robbery or another suspicious or criminal action takes place on camera, you can retrieve a digital recording showing the details. Furthermore, with the integration of internet technology into your Closed Circuit Television system, you can view your cameras from anywhere that you a decent internet connection on almost any device that can run a web browser. We have installed many security camera systems for business owners that allow these owners to view their properties via their home computer, laptop or desktop, with the simple click of a desktop icon. Furthermore, we often set up their smart phones or tablets, having either Apple iOS based or Android based operating systems, so that these business owners can view their business from the convenience of using a phone or tablet.

Contact the experts at Boynton Beach Laptop today. Let us help you install a Closed Circuit Televisions system with the appropriate security cameras and cabling necessary for your particular application to keep your home or business monitored and secure.

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